Usability Testing Tools — 15 Useful Tools For Testing The Usability Of The Website

Web design is not only about the visual appeal. In fact it is more about the usability, interactivity and effectiveness of the design. It is important to learn about the user behavior and browsing pattern of the visitors of the website to eliminate the guesswork from the design. Making the design simple and intuitive is a part of making the website usable, to thus result in higher conversion rates (with more and more users / visitors responding to the call to action). Here are 15 useful tools for testing the usability of the website and also for increasing the web sales and boosting the conversion rate of your website.

  1. Usabilla: Usabilla is remote usability testing tool which enables its users to detect usability issues, measure task success, and collect feedback. You can create the usability tests to collect the feedback on a webpage, mockup or wireframe. Along with a premium version, Usabilla also offers a free version to get you started with testing the usability of your website.
  2. Loop11: Loop11 is also a remote usability testing tool. It provides easy step-by-step wizard to help you create user tests and involves 1000 participants to take the test at the flat price of $350 each time you run the test. It offers free trial on sign up.
  3. Google Website Optimizer: Google Website Optimizer is the Google’s offering for simplifying the web-page design by eliminating the guesswork and thus increasing the visitors satisfaction. It enables you to present the visitors of the website with design alternatives and thereafter evaluates the best alternative through its intuitive reports.
  4. Userfly: Userfly is very basic in its approach to test the usability. This free to use tool tracks the user behavior and browsing pattern in terms of mouse movement and mouse clicks on the page and gives a fair idea about the effectiveness of the design.
  5. Clixpy: Clixpy is the tool for spying the users behavior on your website. It tracks and records the users session on the website and then plays it for you, giving you the opportunity to extract any information you may need.
  6. ClickDensity: Clickdensity as the name suggests, analyzes the users interaction with the web-page, records the analytics and logs the heat maps, so that the web designer can understand the user’s interaction with the web-page and thus improve upon the design when required.
  7. Concept Feedback: Concept Feedback provides expert feedback on your website design. It offers detailed analysis from experienced design, usability and strategy professionals.
  8. Verify: Verify allows you to test the concepts (design alternatives) with users to get immediate feedback in form of actionable reports.
  9. ClickTale: ClickTale helps in an advanced tool for optimizing the usability of the website. Besides recording the browsing behavior of the user, ClickTale provides features like mouse move heatmaps, click heatmaps, conversion funnels, form analytics, attention heatmaps and advanced filters to analyze the user behavior closely.
  10. CrazyEgg: Crazyegg focuses on visualizing the visitors activity. This simple tool enables you to get an insight into your visitor’s behavior by generating the heatmaps.
  11. NavFlow: Navflow helps you improve your conversion rates by analyzing how people navigate around your websites and applications.
  12. IntutionHQ: IntuitionHQ is simple and easy to use usability testing tool. It helps in designing the tests quickly and easily and presents the visual reports for a better understanding of user’s feedback.
  13. UserTesting: UserTesting claims to be the fastest and cheapest way to find out why visitors leave your website. It provides the user’s video and written summary as the feedback on browsing the website.
  14. Webnographer: Webnographer helps the web designer or owner to design the test scenarios, carry out the test and analyze the results for your website.
  15. FeedbackArmy: Feedback Army is the simple tool for getting feedback from users about the website through the usability test designed by Feedback Army.


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