40 Useful Web Designing Tools

In this era of online brand-building, web-design plays an important role. The design of your website / weblog speaks a lot about your work, profession and brand. It serves as the identity of your online presence. Building a website or a weblog includes efficient and organized use of CSS (for styling your web-pages), Javascript (to introduce dynamic functionality), image optimizers (to display images appropriately) and so on. It is all about flourishing your creativity. You can make your way to great web-design with scores of tools and applications available online (free to use and download). Here are 40 web-design tools for a great start at designing your online portal:

Java Scripts

  • SWFobjects: It embeds Flash content using small JavaScript file.
  • Reflections/S2.0: Allows you to add reflections to images on your web page. Supports almost all major web browsers.
  • JSLint: Identifies problems based on JavaScript platform.


  • Sky CSS Tool: Allows you to create CSS classes almost without manuscripts. Java compatible browsers required.
  • Blue Print CSS: It is a CSS framework which helps save development time and provide cross browser compatibility.
  • CSS Type Set: It is a handy online tool which lets you visualize and style the text attributes of the web typography.

Markup Validations

  • W3C Markup validation Services: It is a free service that provides validations for all the markups used in your Web documents.
  • CSS Validator: Validates CSS and (X)HTML documents with style sheets.
  • Total Validator: Another free HTML validator tool. Checks for spellings and broken links. It also previews web page made with different browsers.
  • Unicorn: Check sites for general standards and perform corrections if required.

Image Editor

  • Online image editor: Online image editor will redo your images exactly according to the need of your web sites.
  • Pixlr: Most popular online image editor, easy to learn and fun to use. It supports various linguistics as well.
  • Pic2color: Pic2color is an image color extractor tool that will let you extract color from any of your desired photograph. You can glean a picture either from the computer or from the URL directly.
  • Aviary Suite: From basic retouching to bringing in complex effects, is all possible with Aviary Suite of tools. It provides an image editor, vector editor, image markup, color swatch editor and effects editor to completely support image re-design.


  • FontSturct: It provides a collection of some awesome fonts for your web design in collaboration with FotoShop.
  • 9800 free fonts: Name says it all, a selection of free irresistible fonts is available here. Pick the one which compliments your design most.
  • Font Tester: Its a free online font comparison tool.

IconsWeb design tools

  • Web2.0 Badges: Cater your web design with an icon for free from Web2.0 Badges.
  • IconsPedia: A superb collection of some amazing icons for your weblog.
  • Famfamfam: Famfamfam is a site which showcases its ultimate collection of awesome icons for web designers.

Icon Generator

  • Favicons Generator: Discover badges for your web site with Favicons generator and select the best one for your weblog.
  • Antifavicon: An online tool which helps you create favorite icons in different colors and styles.
  • Online FavIcon: Give an identity to your online portal by creating or downloading icons for your weblog from Online Favicon, one of the best collections of favicons.


  • Typetester: Making your life easy with Typetester. It is an online application for the comparison of fonts on screen.
  • Sifr: Sifr is a smart application for web designers. This app lets your favorite fonts on your website work cleverly with JavaScript, CSS and Flash.

Theme Generator

  • Kuler: Kuler is an Adobe product which lets a designer explore and play around with colors, create and save the color schemes.
  • Swatchify: Save color schemes and share them with your friends.
  • WordPress Theme Gen: Unleash your creative ideas and bring your sites to life with this free and powerful software.

Project Management

  • Bespin: It is an online collaboration and coding tool for web developers proposed by Mozilla labs.
  • Redmine: Its a very flexible web application. Composed in Rail framework, this app provides cross platform and cross database support.


  • Piwik: Tracks the statistics of your web site.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is the  powerful, flexible, easy to use and one of the most popular online analytics tool for tracking your website’s traffic and performance.
  • Chartbeat: Check the analytics of your web site with Chartbeat. It does the real time monitoring for your online presence.
  • FireStats: Try FireStats to view the performance of your weblog.

Useful Websites

  • DesignSource: Pick your designs from this cool web-design showcase; either browsing by topic or by color.
  • Style Vault: Showcase your designs here and be an inspiration for others.
  • Should redesign: Should redesign provides valuable advise to web designers; suggesting them for improvements in their design if required.
  • Doodlekit: Preferable website for beginners — create rich websites easily with this online website builder.
  • One Page Love: Showcases best one page designs on Internet.

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