5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Mobile Responsive Website

Usage of mobile phones is literally at a skyrocketing pace. According to a statistic the number of mobile phone users might cross the mark of 4.77 billion in 2017. Despite these stats, there are still several websites that are not optimized for mobile phones. Some websites aren’t visible on mobile phones and others have broken layout. Screen sizes are evolving continuously and adapting to it is extremely important. And to overcome these innumerable hindrances a responsive website design is a must. A responsive website design reciprocates to the needs of the device that a user is using. If you already don’t have a responsive website, here’s why you need one today!

  1. Massive Usage of Mobile Phones

    From our personal experience, we can make a quick guess that there are billions of mobile users. In the US alone, 70% of people access the internet daily. Also, 60% of searches are undertaken from mobile phones. With such a wide reach and aforementioned proofs, it is hence proved that having a mobile responsive website is now a prerequisite. These facts and figures are for now, but in coming future these figures are going to increase considerably because mobile usage is pulling more and more prospects day by day. And to cater to the mobile audience, you need a responsive design that beautifully adapts to the screen sizes of portable mobile devices.

  2. Mobile is the new E-commerce Trend

    Who likes to go out in the scorching heat to shop, if you are getting everything at your doorstep? Instead of racing around the city, you can undertake online shopping, snuggling your chair in the comfort of your home. According to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, online consumers will see a leap wherein they will rise up to 1.623 billion by 2018. Not just this, but almost 80% of shoppers use a mobile phone for shopping than visiting a physical store. With so many shoppers scattered around in every nook and corner, don’t you think you should have a mobile responsive online store?

  3. Mobile Optimization is the Future

    Having a responsive website design alone doesn’t cut it. You need to think further. You need a website that is optimized for mobile devices. Now, what does that mean? It essentially means, that your website should be able to behave differently on mobile devices. The users viewing your website on mobile devices are in a different scenario… they might be on an airport, waiting for the flight or better yet waiting for someone in the coffee shop. The attention span is short and your website has a far lesser time to make an indelible mark. You need a website that loads quickly on mobile devices (think AMP), has relatively lesser content, smaller pitches, contextual menu items and images optimized specifically for mobile devices. All these take you in the direction of mobile optimized websites.

  4. Mobile Phones encourage Social Sharing

    This has been proved that blogging and social media pull up a huge chunk of visitors. In fact, inbound marketers make it a point to incorporate these elements in their strategy because they have truly observed astonishing results. Mobile traffic, witnesses an upward graph with these elements. A recent study has stated that about 80% of all social media activity is undertaken on mobile phones. Most importantly, if you are planning to share your content via social media and your website isn’t responsive then you are going to loose your potential audience. Get ready for high bounce rates and negative publicity too. So, just avoid this tumult and contact us today to get a responsive website design 🙂

  5. Think SEO — Google’s Mobile First Index

    Responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern because a responsive web design boasts of same HTML code on the same URL despite user using different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile). That’s the best part as you don’t need to use two URLs (as was the case with traditional mobile websites), thus making it extremely easy for Google to index the content. And just in case you have different content on mobile and desktop sites, Google’s mobile first index is all set to guide you in the right direction. Sounds like mobile configuration is the future of mobile SEO. Responsive websites are surely going a long way in the search rankings because Google loves mobile 🙂

The bottom line is, you need to have a mobile responsive website because there is an enormous increase in mobile users and to keep up with the trend, Google is inclined towards responsive and mobile optimized websites. Be it Page Insights (mobile score), Google Analytics (tracking mobile visitors) or Google Search Console (mobile usability reports), Google is using each of these tools to assess mobile friendliness of websites.

Want to have a mobile friendly website? Get started today!

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  1. So that was the problem with my old designed website.

    I am glad that recently I designed mobile responsive website.


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