How To Generate A Visual Heatmap Of Your Site

Check all that apply

  • You are a webmaster.
  • You want to know your site visitors better.
  • You want to know the best placements for advertisements on your site.
  • You want to increase your PPC advertisement income.

ClickHeat by labsmedia is a free script which will allow you to do just that. ChickHeat is  a server-side program that generates a heatmap of the visitors clicks on your site. On the client site it required JavaScript to be enabled in the browser (which is a standard today) and PHP, GD2 (with PNG support) on the server-side.

Installation is real easy; you need to download and extract ClickHeat and upload the entire folder to your server. Once there just browse to the URL where you have uploaded ClickHeat. This will start the setup wizard which is a two step process. Once that’s setup you’ll need to add a one line javascript to your site footer so that ClickHeat is initiated everytime a visitor visits your site. You can generate a visual heatmap of the site and can view daily, monthly and weekly reports. To get started you can download ClickHeat from labsmedia.

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