JQuery LiveTwitter — Integrate Twitter To Your WordPress Blog

JQuery LiveTwitter is a nifty open source plugin available on GitHub, the place for sharing the code. JQuery LiveTwitter is lightweight, easy to use and highly customizable plugin to integrate Twitter to your weblog.

Jquery LiveTwitter enables you to show realtime Twitter updates and timelines on your website. Along with streaming the entire list of tweets, it offers you the flexibility of filtering the tweets on the basis of user defined search query or the timelines from a specific user or geographic location.

To get started with realtime Twitter updates on your weblog, simply download the code from GitHub (available as zip file and a tarball) and change the parameters of liveTwitter() to customize the streaming of the timelines for your weblog. It offers a number of options like specifying the refresh rate, maximum number of tweets, results per page, inclusion of timestamp, filtering of tweets, etc (to be passed as parameters to liveTwiiter()) to make it easy for you to transform the default functionality offered by the plugin.

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