WordPress — How To Automatically Remove Time-Bound Posts

Blogs maintain a variety of content all classified under various categories. Some of the blog posts are timeless and draw traffic for a good deal of time while some posts are relevant for some specific time period only. For example, the posts listed under News category and hot festival deals draw traffic for specific time-period and thereafter become stale and useless. In order to keep your blog fresh and relevant, you have to eventually delete such posts manually after a specific time lapse. Here are two alternatives — Post Expirator and Auto Delete Posts, two plugins to help you delete the time-sensitive posts automatically.

Post Expirator

Post Expirator allows you to add an expiration date to posts which you can configure to either delete the post or change it to a draft. The plug-in offers a configuration option page which will allow you to control whether the posts are deleted or changed to draft status after the expiry of mentioned period. You can additionally display the expiry date on the post with [postexpirator] shortcode.

Auto Delete Posts

The Auto Delete Posts plug-in does the same task. It removes all posts after an expiration date has elapsed. This plug-in provides an innovative solution to the problem. Instead of deleting the posts you can simply move the expired posts to specific category after expiration. It thus enables you to retain the posts in safe repository. Checkoutl the plug-ins (Post Expirator and Auto Delete Posts) and efficiently handle the time-sensitive posts.

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