5 Straight Steps To A Unique Web-Design

Website design is a critical factor to its success. Out of all other things like content, content-creation-frequency, the site-design is one of the most important. Let’s take a look at some points that can get you a unique web-design.

  1. Out-of-the-box approach

    The way others have done it is not the only way it’s done. There’s always a newer, better way. Give it a careful thought. There is a better way to indicate a link than to underline on hover. It could be a combination of effects instead of a single one. There’s a lot of scope of creativity when you plan a design initially. Later on the foundation is paved and you are more or less restricted. So start with a brand new approach. This could mean doing a small research on the latest and the greatest of the designs or even retouching the very basics or even question them.

  2. Elegance

    Nothing works better than this one. If it’s elegant, it’s worth it. If anything come at the cost of elegance, it’s not worth it. Steer clear of things which in anyway could compromise the elegance of a design. Be it layout or even the content. Elegance is more than neatness, plan, grace or beauty put together. Elegance brings with it a newness, an approach to implementation and conceptualization of a unique design. And elegant is more-often-than-not unique.

  3. Simplicity

    This is a tricky one. A good design is everything but simple. But here the term simple is used as in simple for the end-user. A distracting or a very attractive design could work against the purpose. Simplicity is a win-win deal for you and the end-users. Being simple is being elegant.

  4. Cleanliness

    Some of the most unique designs out there are unique because the designer could balance utility vs. creativity. Its a fine balance between the two. There could be situations where a simple design would do and a more appealing design could fail. So start out by setting target(s) for your design and prioritizing them suitably. There are designs to impress and there are designs for ease. There could be situations which warrant a design for a fresh overall feel. So pave a scope for effectiveness and elegance and eliminate clutter.

  5. Difference

    Well, this is what they are. After the design is finished, it’s time to rethink what’s different about it. Is it just another one of the impressive designs or is there something unique about it? Does it bring with it a newness or does it make an impression of of being different? This perhaps is a never-ending cycle of feedback and refinement and further feedback. This requires careful evaluation of the design and the target you set in point 1. Look for any missing links or improvements in the existing implementation or scope for enhancements. This is one thing that will assist you in measuring the success of your design.

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