Awesome Footer Designs — 42 Examples Of Beautifully Styled Footer Designs

Web-designers concentrate on designing beautiful headers, style the web-pages with various effects, include the showcases and image galleries, design striking logos, etc. As the web design principle, they pay attention on all the elements above the fold and reserve the footers for disclaimers or use it as the secondary navigation. The latest trends have however transformed the way people utilize the footers. The urge to style the web-pages creatively serves as an inspiration for styling the footers, perhaps by including classy illustrations, exquisitely designed contact forms, social media interactivity options or by using it as an About page (or by regularly updating the footers with recent blog entries and blog-rolls). If you’ve got everything, it’s perhaps a beautifully designed footer which will give your site an edge. Mostly neglected, the footer can been made excellent use of to enhance the visitors’ browsing experience. Here are 42 examples showcasing the creative ideas for designing the footers.

  1. Florida Flourish
  2. Yuru Inspires
  3. Ready Made Designs
  4. Split Da Diz
  5. Jiri Tvrdek
  6. VSplash
  7. McClanahan Studio
  8. Sparkbox
  9. Mecannical
  10. Gisele Jaquenod
  11. Madfrog Designs
  12. Sid05
  13. Lendl Allen V Trazo Online Portfolio
  14. Spoon Graphics
  15. I Love Colors
  16. Wire Roses
  17. Think Design
  18. Social Snack
  19. PVM Garage
  20. Oman Clarke
  21. N Design Studio
  22. MPlusz
  23. Mark Forrester
  24. HEBAtec Internet Systems
  25. Launch Mind
  26. Freelance Switch
  27. Fran Boot
  28. EctoMachine
  29. David Hellmann
  30. Chris Sharp Design
  31. Yodiv
  32. Primstone
  33. Morphix
  34. Green Wood C. C.
  35. AnswerJam
  36. Edge Point Church
  37. Vimeo
  38. Gavin Chua
  39. Fresh Coloring
  40. Sam Rayner
  41. Tennessee Vacation
  42. Manndible Cafe

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