Creative Logos — 40 Examples Of Artistic Logo Designs

Logo forms the brand and identity for a business concern. The logo adds visual meaning to the name, goal and objective of the concern. And as is said “A picture is worth a thousand words”, logos are good at establishing the personality of the organization. Infact, logo gives distinct identity to various products and services offered by you — an effective way of creating a BRAND. You shouldn’t be worried if you’re not an experienced designer and don’t have an idea about how your logo should look like. You can always open a logo design contest and choose a designer who will create a professional logo that rocks and help you boost your brand and attract targeted audience. Thereby, here in this post we are showcasing some unique, interesting and creative logo designs. These logos will definitely come in handy for designing one for yourself — for your own profit earning or non-profit earning organization and well, for creating brand across the world.

  1. Art Garbage
  2. Berrysys Mark WIP
  3. Click 2 Bail
  4. Colibri
  5. DJ E Logo 2
  6. Donate Car
  7. Apple Umbrella
  8. Foot Art
  9. Exhibition
  10. Hard Clock
  11. Idealist Brands
  12. IT Human
  13. Kudos Ice
  14. Logo Nominal
  15. Siduction
  16. Sweat
  17. Thinker Mill
  18. Thinking Designs
  19. Twitter Cars
  20. Wifi Wireless
  21. Wip By Tass
  22. Brand Your Genius
  23. Electra Cycle
  24. Festival Of Sails
  25. Happy Holidays
  26. Human Rights
  27. Michael Jackson
  28. Pacific Fish Grill
  29. Proof
  30. Sarah Coombs
  31. Seven Peaks
  32. Sneaky Elephant
  33. Voov
  34. Wingo
  35. Wood Work
  36. Chameleon Design
  37. Firebrand
  38. Tucan
  39. Pride
  40. White Stork
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