14 Killer Reasons Why Lander Truly Rocks!!!

So many features in Lander… but all these are directed to address the 3 key, most important areas that every professional site is built on:

  1. Empowering the developer to build better, more powerful web solutions.
  2. Giving the power of conversion and design flexibility to the site-owners.
  3. Making search-engines happy.

But the devil lies in the details. Here are 14 key things that have made our Lander-powered, customer-sites a grand success.

1. The most important settings are at site-owner’s command.

The decision to have a settings panel to control the design is easy to make. What’s difficult is to decide what to leave out. To architect an options page that only keeps the most important settings, make it user-friendly and usable and eliminate any confusion is intact a marvel–better than tons of settings that user can’t use.

2. Rich settings means a developers cut their start-up curve by over 75%.

When the developer can make all the mundane routine configurations from the settings panel, it means that are able to do away with routine code and get started faster building you the site. No reinventing the wheel means less turn-around time and greater savings.

3. Lander empowers developers to write smart code.

We built in a SCSS compiler that means saving tons of redundant lines of CSS code. Saves lot’s of time finding and replacing values and makes it easy to achieve powerful modern CSS effects with less effort. Productive developers work smart.

4. Configurable mobile viewport means lower development costs and better SEO rankings.

When you get a site powered by Lander, you automatically get a mobile viewport that takes care of everything on the portable devices. Google loves this and will rank your site higher. Mobile matters today and it’s only going to be more important in the days to come. No is the time to go mobile.

5. Page specific layout tweaks means a more powerful landing page experience and more conversions.

And since you can override the mobile-settings individually on each page or post and even tweak the landing page experience means that your PPC campaigns are going to have a very high conversion rate. Don’t you want to have more customers?

6. Contextual, SILO menus mean top SEO ranking, high traffic!

SILO architecture is the best on-page SEO tweak you can deploy on your site. And it’s so powerful it will even outshine returns from your link-building campaigns.

7. Built-in designs enable site-owners get started with a ready-made professional design.

With three professional built-in designs, Lander helps you get started with just the design that you want. Tweak it to your satisfaction or customize it inside out. The power is all yours.

8. Dynamic Responsive widths means you can change layout without breaking responsiveness.

Next time you want to make the content column wider or change the layout to match any specific grid you won’t have to think twice. You site stays responsive and Lander automatically takes care of everything behind the scenes. Saves time and money. And since time is money, you save double!

9. Integration with Google Fonts allows beautiful, awesome, typographic experience.

And just when you fell for that awesome beautiful typeface you realize you have to get a third-party plugin or enqueue a script, edit CSS to get that font to work on your site. No more. All Google fonts are built-in and available from the drop-down. Pick all the ones you like.

10. Unlimited full-width landing page sections means powerful landing pages that are easy to design.

So what do you do when you want to add additional full-width sections to your landing page? Add additional widget-areas? That would be so many widgets to manage for only a few landing pages! We built in full-width landing page sections below the post editor so all the landing page content stays on the page and can be managed from one place.

11. Easy branding controls means you can change your favicon or logo when you like.

Oh yes, no FTPing, uploading, editing the CSS. Select your graphics and hit “Upload”. That’s it.

12. Rich widget areas means custom content makes the desired impact.

We build in widget-areas at the most impactful locations. That’s all the widget-areas you’ll ever need.

13. Lander allows developers to disable features, lock the settings or even disable all Lander options pages

When it comes to developers, we guys are finicky. We all have our own measures of how much is too much, minimal, redundant or useless. Lander is a developer-first theme. All the features you don’t need or want to configure and lockout can be done with simple lines on code. Heard of “remove_theme_support”? That’s what we are talking about.

14. Powered by Genesis means you can harness all the Genesis goodness.

And if you ever thought Lander is another child-theme, drag-and-drop, child-theme-builder here’s the myth buster. It’s a micro-framework that adds power to Genesis. Now you work even smarter, more productive, build smarter sites that are future-proof.

Oh we left a few ones out. 14 is a big feature list. But there more like translation ready, RTL, retina-ready. We think those are just boring pitches though.

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