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We are happy to have you onboard. We appreciate you so much. You will shortly start receiving the cool tips to make effective use of your website to skyrocket your business!

Here we wanted to share a little bit more about Convertica and how we can help you grow your business!

Convertica started in 2008 and since then we have been helping small businesses to get started with successful online presence. What this means?

This means, we have been helping small business owners and solo entrepreneurs in making the most out of their business website.

Here’s a simple 3 step process:

Step One: Full Service Website Engineering

It all starts with a custom website design that is tailored to your custom needs. Many a times clients come to us for a website redesign because they are not happy with their existing website. This is where the ball starts rolling!

We are a full service website design agency and our team is experienced to deliver excellent results, that work wonders for your business website.

Our custom website design or website redesign project starts with examining the needs and the goals of your business. We then start with converting your requirements into a blueprint for your website, called Wireframing (creating the layout for different views and pages on the site).

Once the wireframes are approved, we go to the next step where our design team works with you to create a design that looks great across all the devices, is optimized for your business and converts your website visitors into customer.

And then comes the final step in the series of custom website design — Development, where we convert the design into a fully-functional website that looks awesome and is easy to manage. Review our projects and client testimonials to get a quick overview about our work.

Note: We recommend using WordPress for business websites. We are equally open to your ideas and suggestions for CMS / platform of your choice.

Step Two: SEO and Digital Media

A custom website design is just the beginning of the process. It takes a lot of time and effort into making it a successful website — a website that generates business and revenue. Don’t worry. We are right here with you!

Our SEO team will help you in reaching your target audience via organic search. On-page SEO, SILO information architecture, keyword mapping, link building, posting on social media platforms and so on. We are there to help you at each step to build more traffic to your website.

Building landing pages for your products and services, helping you with conversion optimization, setting up PPC campaigns, setting up an online store… we are there with you as your business and your requirements evolve.

Step Three: Website Support and Maintenance

Investing in SEO is totally a call of the business owners. They may want to opt-in or they may want to defer it. What is more important is to regularly maintain the website. Here are some crucial website maintenance tasks that every website owner need to undertake without fail:

  • Monitor website uptime
  • Schedule regular website backups
  • Update WordPress, plugins, theme framework
  • Test all the forms on the website
  • Review spam comments and filter the same
  • Security audit and scanning
  • Run website performance tests
  • Find and fix broken links and 404 errors
  • Optimize database for better performance
  • Review WordPress security logs

That is a lot of things to do!!!

We have one simple answer to this —  We’ve got your covered!

When you opt-in for our Website support and maintenance contract, we will take care of everything to make sure that your website is safe, secure, up to date and functions flawlessly, while you can take care of your business.

Website Quick Fixes

Your business grows over time and so does your website. Today you are serving local clients, tomorrow you may be offering your products and services to international market. Or maybe you want to start a new service. You want to add a new landing page or say add a new pop-up optin form on your website.

Over the time, you may realize that you need to add a portfolio and client testimonials or you want to giveaway an ebook to your subscribers. This is where our Website Quick Fixes services come in handy. Just send us a request and we will take care of it.

Do you want to get started with a custom website design for your business? Are you looking for a website redesign. Let’s talk →