5 Ways To Build Side-Revenue With Your Dietitian & Nutrition Website

5 Ways To Build Side-Revenue With Your Dietitian Nutrition Website

Here are 5 easy ways to turn your website into a money minting machine if you are a RDN (Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist). While we often see the website as a business tool, it actually is a comprehensive business system or machine that helps you build your business revenues. But did you know how a website can help you earn good amounts of side-revenue? Here are 5 simple ideas that will bring this dream into reality.

  1. Advertising on your Dietitian / Nutrition Website

    Advertising on your website is a great way to make additional revenue. And if your website / blog is regularly updated with fresh content, advertisements will start paying for your website right from the first month.

    There are bloggers who have made a full time income just blogging and advertising. So making money from advertising is a very practical thing to do. It though takes consistency in blogging. You could start by registering with Google Adsense, Gourmet Ads, MediaVines or similar programs.

  2. Affiliate Programs

    Affiliate sales typically have similar or better potential to generate revenue as advertisements. In you practice as an RDN, you’ll come across good products and services. And if they have affiliate programs, you can make money while you recommend them. Here’s how one of my clients has set-up affiliate products on her site: Jill Castle’s Nutrition Store.

  3. Write an eBook pertaining to a dieting or nutrition topic in demand

    Writing books is great. They give you notability. You write them because you want your readers to know you. It’s a great platform to promote yourself and generate revenue as a side-effect.

    A great title that also has high value will sell like hot cakes. The thing with ebooks is that people love them; they see value in them but they may not always end up reading or finishing them from cover to cover. And with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you get the widest reach without having to go through a publisher. One of my client’s Maryann Jacobsen has set-up a landing page for selling her e-books: Books Authored by Maryann Jacobsen.

    With some e-commerce / cart integration, you can start selling them from your own website without having to pay fees to a third-party.

  4. Online Courses, perhaps relating to dieting, weight-reduction etc.

    This is pretty close to your main practice, just that you are going digital with it. Launch an online course with specific, high-value niche like weight-reduction. Many people do not have the time and bandwidth to come for consultation in person. But when they have access to a professional course online, they can follow it consistently right from the convenience of their network devices.

  5. If you are good at blogging, then you could start generating recurring revenue with paid subscriptions to your website-content. You can have a membership website to implement this. Start by turning only a section of the entire content into membership area. With time as you build audience, you can continue to focus and grow this area. Membership sites are in huge demand. With recurring revenue you have the luxury and the comfort of your home while you provide value to large numbers right from your comfort zone and online. Here’s an example membership site I’ve built for one of my clients: The Kids Healthy Weight Project.

To do this, first you’ll need to project and establish yourself as a specialist. Only then will the audience really come to value it.

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In the long-term a website is business system—a must-have tool for generating revenues. Be it any type of website, membership or subscription or e-commerce or just a great design. It will ultimately more than pay for itself and make your business successful. Do you have a website? Check out the website design service for Dietitian & Nutrition Experts. Does your website help your business goals?

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