Amazing Inbound Marketing Checklist For Your WordPress Website

Running an efficacious website is not enough, it has to be complemented with proper marketing. When the word ‘marketing’ pops up, the first scenario that crosses anyone’s mind is – door-to-door marketing, newspaper ads, TV ads, etc. We need to realise that these methods are now a passé. Instead of spending money on such conventional methods, go for techniques that will grab everyone’s attention. There are variety of marketing channels, but my experience says that inbound marketing has truly proved to be fruitful. So, hereby I am listing inbound marketing checklist which you need to consider for the amelioration of your WordPress website.

  1. Generate Outstanding Content

    Inbound marketing revolves around content that helps in yielding results by attracting customers. It’s not limited to attracting alone, but also helps in urging them to come back more often. Your content should be so effective that it forces the audiences to find solution to problem at hand and eventually share it on social media platforms. Target the right keywords so that it reaches out to appropriate audience. Your content should inspire, educate and also entertain, however don’t outsmart your audiences by exaggerating about your brand. Remember to offer a solution to all their woes but without overstatement.

  2. Enhance Visual Propensity

    Visual representation gives you a better insight than words. In a fraction of seconds, highlighting points in the form of appealing visual content is an amazing way to turn the heads on. You can make use of infographics, videos, images, slideshows, etc. which will act as your proponent. Check out Canva for quickly building shareable graphics or you may also like to hire a professional graphic designer for this purpose. The bottom line is start publishing valuable graphical content to keep the audience hooked to your website.

  3. Let Analytics Rule The Roost

    Until and unless you don’t study the behavioral structure of your visitor, you will not be able to chalk out a marketing plan. Gathering as much as data as you can and then measuring that is extremely imperative. Keep a close eye on bounce rates, pages that are bringing in leads, experiencing maximum clicks, etc. Also, you can keep a tab on how many prospects truly turned into clients. All this can be easily achieved with analytics software or tools like Google Analytics, Open Web Analytics, CrazyEgg etc.

  4. Excelling In Call-To-Action (CTA)

    CTAs play a vital role in converting your potential customers and thus they can’t be ignored in any way. Make sure that you go an extra mile in designing these CTAs; just like images and videos shared on the site. Always remember, CTA can get you a clientele and might deviate them too. If they are left unclear, then all your efforts on writing a valued content will go for a toss. Design them with great attention and make sure that your visitors get a clear idea about what you expect them to do. After all it’s your responsibility to guide them.

  5. Meticulous Testing Till The Expected Results

    Once everything falls in place i.e. collecting data from analytics, you can start testing your marketing strategy. This is very important because it helps in analyzing whether you are on the right track. This entire procedure is termed as A/B testing and you can test your content, colors, headlines, hero shot, everything under this. This is an extremely crucial stage because it helps you in modifying and updating the content and design of your landing pages until they get you desired results. A/B tests come in handy for asking specific questions about what changes to be undertaken on a page. This in turn helps in studying the repercussions on conversions and traffic.

That’s not all. There are plethora of WordPress plugins for inbound marketing which will help you in planning and strategizing your marketing efforts. I will soon publish a list of WordPress plugins for inbound marketing. Till then share your favorite plugins for inbound marketing via comments.

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