Blogging — Five Tips To Monetize Your Blog

Do you really want to start blog monetization?

I know your answer…

You are already imagining yourself earning lots of dollars with your blog!!

Let’s go ahead to know what you can do to monetize your blog. Blogging is an art where bloggers share their ideas with the masses. And as far as blog monetization is concerned I would like to ask you a few questions and afterwards we’ll move ahead to learn the secrets of blog monetization.

For the questions below you just need to answer YES or NO… Are you ready to answer few questions, if yes then go ahead with the questionnaire:

  1. Do you have good amount of readers?
  2. Do you write for a specific niche?
  3. Do you regularly add or update content on your blog?

If your answer to the above questions is YES for more than 2 questions then you are ready to start monetization on your blog by following these tips:

  1. You can start with advertisement. Full time bloggers use advertisement as their primary source of revenue generation. There are various kinds of advertising options to choose from like Google AdSense (with Section Targeting), Tribal Fusion, Yahoo Publisher Network, etc. You can also go with RSS advertisements like Pheedo, Crispads, etc. But most importantly don’t overload your blog with too much advertisement (it may look like another spam site).

  2. Affiliate Links

    Another way to generate revenue is to provide Affiliate links on your blog (Affiliate Marketing). Affiliate Marketing is a revenue sharing concept between a merchant and website owner. Blog owner gets a commission or referral fees when any reader/customer clicks that affiliate link and buys any product or service through that link. You can choose from various affiliate programs like Amazon affiliate program, Skimlinks(converts your existing keywords into affiliate links), etc.

  3. Freebies

    You can provide apps, small software packages or free reports as free bundle on your blog site. This is a good way to attract visitors and encourage subscriptions. Or you can also offer some premium apps to your readers. This is a pretty good way of killing two birds with one arrow, i.e., generate revenue from your blog and increase traffic; both at the same time.

  4. Donations

    Donation can also be a relevant source of income for bloggers. It is a means by which your reader can pay you some amount as a gift or reward for the free service provided to them. As a blogger you can ask for donation in a way like, donate if you like this post or article so that you can help them more in a similar fashion.

  5. Premium Content

    Apart from the free content that you write on your blog, you can also provide premium or paid content to your site members. It is a very good way to provide digital services to your premium members. For instance, you can check out Tutsplus network. Along with regular content, they also offer high value premium content in form of online training courses for paid members.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start monetizing your blog. The above tips will definitely help you monetize you blog. There can be more resources for monetization, if you want to share feel free to add them in comments.

Happy Blogging!!!

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