The Secret To Getting Great Post Ideas And More

I get a lot of mail from readers wanting to know how to come up with new post ideas. I thus though of handling it as a post than individual replies. The point is why do you need post ideas? The primary reason is to keep your blog alive. If that is so, just subscribe to all the blogs’ RSS in your niche and blog about what others are posting. Simple.

But honestly for the long term, the reason should be to bring more value to your users. This will form a community around your blog and a strong reader base while you will establish authority as an expert in the niche. The point is to provide new and rich content to your visitors. And once you’ve decided on that keep a blog journal. It could be as simple and portable – a plain paper which you can later tuck in and maintain as a file. Einstein did that but you don’t have to be an Einstein to do that.

Keeping a blog journal enables you to

  • Come up with original ideas
  • Remember to post them
  • Provide unique content to your visitors
  • Establish your authority as a blogger
  • Get noticed by other bloggers
  • Rank higher on search engines – your content is unique
  • Track and expand upon your previous content

And this is not something that I brag about but something that I actually do. Wait no further because this is that big-small thing that makes a huge difference to how and in which direction your blog will grow in the times to come.

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