Top 15 Keyword Tools For Trend Analysis

It’s a constant endeavor for bloggers to focus and write on the latest and popular topics to sustain the interest of the readers. Also niche blogging can help you monetize your blog better by drawing targeted advertisements with value. Here’s a list of 15 sites which you can use to analyse the latest trends and keyword analysis and to assist you take a look on what’s the latest, hottest and the most popular.

  1. Google Zeitgeist
  2. Lycos 50
  3. Yahoo Buzz
  4. eBay Pulse
  5. Google Trends
  6. NicheBot
  8. AOL Hot Searches
  9. Google Groups
  10. craigslist
  11. Popular Bookmarks on Delicious
  12. Digg
  13. Google Catalogs
  14. Google Suggest
  15. Technorati
  16. ClickBank marketplace (a bonus as always)
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