Top 5 Factors That Affect Your Web Site Visitors & Traffic

Have you ever taken a moment to consider what could be causing you a traffic-loss and a lot of revenue? Here are some of the things which cross the mind.

  1. Page Load Time

    The average time on the page for visitors being 30-40 seconds, it is the page load time which is the decisive factor and determines how many visitors wait to let the page show up and how many surf away.

  2. Page Layout

    Its evident that visitors only see the part of the webpage visible on the screen (the other part being the one they have to scroll to). All the information and pointers have to be there. The number of visitors start decreasing down the page. Thus try to keep the length of the page short. If it’s a long page, see if it can be divided into two or more.

  3. Advertisements and Pop-ups

    Again, this one adds to the page layout. Ensure that ads and popups don’t come in the way of visitors main activities. They should be aligned such that they do not obscure the main content or information on the website. Visitors don’t hate ads unless they are really obtrusive.

  4. Page-Element’s Weight

    This goes by the basics of observation and web-design. The larger and the most prominent is noticed first. What’s the first thing you want the visitors to notice? The site logo, the latest post, the ads. Accordingly the site traffic and visitor loyalty is determined.

  5. Content

    This is the most important. Guess why this finds a mention at last? Well, because it’s only after crossing through the above mentioned variables that the content is accessed. If the page loaded quick, the layout was organized, ads and popups did not take the visitor away, and if he noticed the content or pointers to it would he be able to read or use it. However, it’s the quality of the content that will decide if the visitors would like to read through it or come back to your site again. TIP : They may also want to subscribe and bookmark after reading the content so make sure you layout the “Bookmark This” or “Subscribe” button at the end of the post or content. Considering this again, in the long term the search engines will index and start ranking your site. If the content is good you will receive a lot of traffic from the visitors in the long term. So pay close attention.

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