Top 6 Reasons To Blog

Blogging is a niche in itself and there are a lot of reason why all the influential people have taken to it. Some have take to it to express and others for publicity and yet others to entirely make money. While blogging has served their purpose, I know many people who are yet clueless about the blog thingy. Some consider a blog as a personal diary while others a news site. I say it’s a medium to express and more. And if you do not have a blog here’s a short list of reasons to get you started.

  1. Blogging is an artistic medium of expression– As humans we always want to express what we feel about the things that influence us. While expression takes many forms like painting, music, etc… blogging is a form which is direct and clear.
  2. Blogs allow you to strike a conversation. They allow you to take an initiative. And you are the main voice which is heard.
  3. Blogging extends your audience to all the internet users– With millions of internet users out there, its only a matter of short time that you will get the due attention of the like minded.
  4. Blogs allow you freedom of expression- You don’t get to take the stage everyday. You don’t get attention all the time. But when you blog, you always take the stage and remain there for others to take heed.This cycle of expression allows a lot of flexibility. You express what you feel and others listen to it at their own sweet pace.
  5. Blogging means communication means socializing– Blogging empowers you with a medium of expression so strong that it can get you so many listeners and followers you couldn’t get otherwise. Slowly you build a network of like-minded people. It allows you to keep in touch and monitor what others in your field are upto.
  6. Your knowledge benefits the community- When you have thoughts and knowledge of a subject or an opinion for that matter, it benefits the community. I know a lot of people in my field who have astounding knowledge and insight of things. They have opinions so strong and sensual and can make quite accurate predictions about the future of certain things. But all this knowledge does no good to anyone. The question here is not “Who cares?” but instead “Does it matter?”When you blog, you make meaning, you are there expressing for a cause. And that matters.

While there’s a lot more to this medium than can be seen at the first glance, the idea essentially is to make a difference or just to express. While some take it as a personal journal entry, others take it as journalism. Why do you blog? Or do you at all?


  1. thanks for these top 6 reasons to blog where i came to hear about blogging three weeks ago and i am kneen to make a blog and i dont have an idea so hope these reasons help me to creat blog and how and whats the purpose of blog .its good job keep it up and hope to get to read some other reasons too in future


  2. Hi Ongma,

    Thanks for the kind words. Hope you find the info useful. Theres a lot more to come. Stay tuned.

  3. Is there a need for a personal homepage anymore when one can blog?

    I am worked as a contract database consultant for many years, but somehow I have never got round to writing my home page for either the family or for my business – is it now obsolete anyway?

  4. Personal homepages are quite obsolete in today’s world. They have static content which also may be cumbersome to update.

    Blogs add a personal touch to the outlook. They are easy to update and thus dynamic, allow higher level of interaction on the site and come with numerous other Web 2.0 goodies.


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