10 Useful Tutorials For Writing WordPress Plugins

Wordpress plugins help in extending the functionality and features of the weblog. Plugins come in handy for providing customized solutions for adding features to your WordPress theme. While there already exists a huge repository of WordPress plugins, you can also write your own plugins to customize the theme according to your specific requirement. Here we have compiled a list of tutorials to help you create WordPress plugins to thus explore the possibilities with the open source CMS — WordPress.

  1. WordPress Codex: Writing A Plugin
  2. Create A Custom WordPress Plugin From Scratch
  3. The Ultimate Guide To Building A WordPress Plugin
  4. How To Write A WordPress Plugin — Introduction
  5. How To Build A WordPress Plugin
  6. Tutorial: How To Write A WordPress Plugin
  7. WordPress Plugin Development: A Short Tutorial
  8. Tutorial: How To Create WordPress Plugins
  9. Simple WordPress Plugin Tutorial
  10. Top 10 Most Common Coding Mistakes In WordPress Plugins
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