EasyPHP — A Portable & Lightweight WAMP Environment For Web-Developers

EasyPHP  is an incredible tool for web-developers. It is a portable WAMP package; a combination of popular web server packages like — MySQL  (open source database), Apache web server, PHP  (scripting language) and PhpMyadmin interface which can be locally installed onto your machine. It’s is portable and can be copied to a usb drive too.

The entire package is available free of cost under GPL. For Admin, PHP files are stacked in Program files and for the non-admin users, files are stored in My Documents. EasyPHP has some miner quirks because of the Windows architecture, for eg. you must use instead of “localhost” for your sqlserver. Nonetheless a WAMP configuration never came in this handy and portable a package. You can download this handy utility here. A new version of EasyPHP shall be announced soon with more wiser adaptions involved making the task of a web-developer lot easier. The release will have MySQL, Apache  2.2.16, PHP 5.3.3 and PhpMyadmin 3.3.7  and new features like Php’s powerful debugging extension the  Xdebug and few new managers.