How To Check And Fix Broken Links Sitewide

Many a times it happens that if I change a pretty-permalink to one of the key pages on my site, all the other posts referencing it lead the visitors to 404 pages. That’s not good for the visitors or the SEO or even AdSense (since you are not allowed to show AdSense on 404 pages).

Xenu comes to the rescue. Xenu’s Link Sleuth (TM) will check all links to other posts, pages, images, even files in CSS external or internal. At the end it will generate a report and you can use it to fix the broken links and other issues that you may find. May be the visitors were just getting a 404 page instead of seeing the donation page. Xenu Link Sleuth is a tiny download and you can get it from Xenu’s Links Sleuth’s homepage.


  1. I do agree. Xenu is an awesome tool for bloggers like us. Especially the ones who blog for the google adsense money. I was searching for a tool like this for a longer time. Great to get it from your website. Thanks for sharing

  2. That is a great software to use and I thank you because I found it here. I manage several websites and checking them manually or through online sites is not an easy job. Manual checking will take loads of time and is still a place for human error. Online link checkers are not bad, but at the same time you need to join and supply them with your email address. Many will start spamming you or the promised link report will never appear in your inbox.

    Xenu is great because it is a desktop application and you run it from your pc. It was fast and gives immediate results. Thanks again.

  3. Great stuff, I just used it on my site and didn’t realize how many links needed to be fixed. Thanks


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