Matt Mullenweg Of WordPress Vs. Chris Pearson Of Thesis

Here’s a video (audio for most part) with Chris and Matt in conversation about GPL vs. non-GPL ideology. While it’s difficult to prove if one or the other is right, it’s good to know both the sides and decide for yourself. A lot of disagreement led to spread of this discussion to Chris’s and Matt’s personal blogs: and Check our the video before you read through the comments of fans of each side (I wish the video was was GPL too and I could just embed it here.)

Do we see reality shows introduced to the world-wide-web?

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  1. Every thesis theme customer is blogging about this issue.
    But i personally think that Pearson has lost his respect. His argument is that licensing Thesis under GPL would destroy his thesis business model of ‘paid’ themes, But many are doing well under GPL.


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