WordPress 3 Gets A New Default Theme

Wordpress 3 is a new milestone (literally). The changes are quit drastic and luckily welcome. The following are the notable changes that will surprise most of you:

  • WordPress Mu (multiuser) has been merged with WordPress: This means multiple sites/blogs on a single wordpress install. We’d been waiting on this for ever. And now we can streamline all our bloated CMS installations into one. This seems to be going the drupal way; impressive!
  • New WordPress default theme: At last the boring old face of WordPress is in for a welcome change. The default Kubric Theme while being elegant, minimalistic and almost perfect has become a little too boring everytime we installed WordPress on a new site. Thus a new theme. And as the trend goes, this one comes with a nice, wide and beautiful header image. So why a new theme? We guess it’s to handle the new frontend requirements of WordPress Mu… and guess what — BuddyPress we bet.
  • Menus: Now you can build your own navigation menus in the admin screen.
  • Background Image: Upload and customize your own background images.
  • Header Image: Upload and customize your own header images.

While we observed the changes only at a superficial level, there’ll be more that has changed in the backend. WordPress 3 as a result of the merger of the two codebases — WordPress Mu and WordPress — will mean newer bugs and support tickets like any other major software release without exception. The changes may also mean headaches for the theme developers and the older v2.9 compatible themes because they may need to be updated to support the new Mu backend (and maybe buddypress). While WordPress 3 is only at beta 1, a lot of what it will become and its stability will mainly depend on the feedback from early adopters and beta testers. Keep watching this space for a complete review of wordpress 3.0 as events unfold.


  1. Great I have about 50 sites that are running off wordpress and wanted to use mu but it is so much easier to just go with wp. I look forward to all of the advances and challenges.

  2. Hi folks,

    thanks for this nifty summary of WP 3 – very handy.

    I wonder if anyone else has noticed a change with the ways the meta keywords are now implemented?

    I’ve upgraded my 3 main sites (yes only 3 ; ), and a clients site – and now no longer have the ‘meta name=”keywords” ‘ which shows all the post tags.

    If you do Ctrl-U in Firefox and search for “keywords”, you used to get this for example:

    Since upgrading to WP3 (the stable release), this meta tag no longer appears by default – unless I put the TAGS into the Keywords field in the All In One SEO Plugin.

    Previously the TAGS were “translated” into the keywords meta tag.

    Has any else experienced this?


  3. Here is the code related to my previous post – posting HTML into comments doesn’t work 🙂

    meta name=”keywords” content=”alt tags , backlinks , search engine visibility , simple blogging rules , website strategy , wordpress tip”

  4. I like the new default theme. It’s simple but it’s also easy to pick it apart and mess about with it. So if, like me, you enjoy rebuilding themes the this is a good start.

    And Tracey, I never relied on default metatags for WordPress anyway. I normally install the WordPress SEO by Yoast which does a great job with tags.


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