15 Effective Tools For Finding A Perfect Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is the most crucial step in creating a website. The design of the website gives the visual appeal, the content makes it search friendly, navigation enables the users to reach the nook and corner of the site, but one thing which gives identity to your website is the domain name. It promotes brand building and establishes online presence of an individual or an enterprise as a whole. Therefore, having a unique, creative and easy to remember domain name is gateway to owning a popular and widely known website. Here are 15 awesome tools to help you find a perfect domain name for your website.

  1. Domainr: Domainr is an efficient domain search tool. It presents a comprehensive list of domains, both available as well as reserved, as you type in the domain name. It provides suggestions even for short URLs like nice.st and mindshare.la/bs.
  2. Bust A Name: Bust a name is a smart tool which provides the efficacy of quickly checking the availability of the desired domain name across .com, .net and .org. It also helps you in creating a unique domain name by using the word combiner which enlists the available domain names for specified words.
  3. Domains Bot: DomainBot is an efficient domain search engine which provides domain suggestions along with advanced features like searching the domain name on the basis of status or extension, ability to specify maximum keywords, limiting maximum domain length and options for including numbers and special characters in the domain name.
  4. DomainTools: DomainTools, as the name suggests is a collection of various services related to domain names registration. It enables you to check the availability of domain name, offers you the flexibility of pre-booking the domain names about to expire and provides whois look-up for reserved domain names.
  5. AjaxWhois: Finding a domain name is simplified with Ajaxwhois. This simple to use service enables you to check the availability of domain as soon as you start typing the domain name across selected extension. Ajaxwhois supports every possible extension for finding the availability of the desired domain name.
  6. Domize: Domize enables you to simply check the availability of the domain name by following the grid pattern. It successively deduces the search keyword to a minimum of three letters and checks availability of each word across various extensions. Along with the basic functionality, Domize also provides advanced options which support list-generating commands (like, regex, set, rhyme and bulk).
  7. DomainTyper: Domian Typer is a two way solution for finding a perfect domain name. At first place it enables you to check the availability of desired domain across preferred extensions and on second hand it works as domain name generator which randomly generates several .com domains to help you pick a unique and simple domain name.
  8. NameStation.com: Namestation.com is a random domain name generator which randomly generates the names and checks the availability of the randomly generated domain names. It enables you to pick and choose the domain name which best suits the purpose of the website.
  9. Dot-O-Mator: Dot-o-mator enables you to find a domain name by specifying the keywords as suffixes and prefixes. The tool returns a maximum of 15 results as the combination of specified words. It has a collaboration with Dotster.com to check the availability and sale value of the domain name.
  10. NameBoy: Nameboy domain search claims to be the ultimate domain name generator, website name generator and the best way to search domain names. It is an all in one solution for picking a perfect domain name for the website.
  11. BrandGopher: BrandGopher currently provides support for .com, .net and .org extension only. It offers various services for querying the Whois look-up, viewing alexa traffic details, searching Google for selected items and an exclusive brand bucket for enlisting ready-to-use brandable domain names.
  12. Nomaine: Nomaine is a simple themed domain name generator. After analysis of the keywords, the word parts from list of keywords are rearranged to create random pronounceable names. Thereafter, the availability of the domain name is checked and the domain names are offered for sale or for adding as favorites.
  13. InstantDomainSearch: Instant domain search is a free service that instantly checks .com, .net, and .org domain name availability. It works in collaboration with GoDaddy for buying the domain name. This search tool offers whois look up for non-available domains and provides quotes for available domain names.

Note: Some domain tools have been removed since they are no longer alive. If you have suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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