25 Awesome Dark Website Designs — Part II

Dark website designs help in exploring the creative opportunities on the part of web designers. While white backgrounds and pastel color schemes are trend setters, dark colored designs often suffer from the visual stress and online readability issues. The designers however know what they are doing when they pick up dark colors for designing websites. In the earlier post we presented Part I of this series with 25 awesome dark website designs, here we revisit the magical appeal of dark colored websites with 25 new and fresh examples.

  1. Hamish Macpherson
  2. Kid Koala
  3. Zindustry
  4. Xqs
  5. Vyniknite
  6. Tuscarora Tackle
  7. Viscusi
  8. Tony Chester
  9. Tom Pain
  10. Toc Toc
  11. Take The Walk
  12. Sohtanaka
  13. Purely By Design
  14. Otyg Blodhemn
  15. One Twenty Seven
  16. No Sleep For Sheep
  17. Neutron Creation
  18. Mutant Labs
  19. Mediocre
  20. Martijn Vreugde
  21. Made To Kill
  22. Level 9
  23. Kubi
  24. Krisjay Designs
  25. Krijtenberg

Check out more examples of dark colored websites in Part I — 25 Awesome Dark Website Designs.

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