30 Beautiful Free WordPress Photoblog Themes

We had the chance to carefully select 30 beautiful photoblogging themes for WordPress. We downloaded them and for the sake of reviewing, similarity and differences, we tried them on a test blog and generated the screenshots. Check out this list and tell us which one you like the best. Note that the content used for testing is the same.

  1. Zack 990
  2. WpFolio
  3. WP-Creativix
  4. Vinica
  5. Svelt
  6. Sliding Door
  7. Safitech
  8. Rostar
  9. “Revolt-basic
  10. QuickPic Theme
  11. QuickChic
  12. Picture Perfect
  13. Ocular Professor
  14. MyMag
  15. Monotone
  16. Modularity Lite
  17. Lysa
  18. Life Is Simple
  19. Jasov
  20. Italicsmile
  21. Grey Matter
  22. GoodTheme-Lead
  23. F8 Lite
  24. Elegant Grunge
  25. Duotone
  26. Dkret3
  27. Cleanr
  28. AutoFocus
  29. Ali Han Neon
  30. Aapna

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  1. It was difficult to decide between #12 and #16, though #26 was in the running as well. But when I saw and analyzed the compelling nature and drawing power of NO. 29, no other choice was possible. I love it and would stand by it anytime. Tony.


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