30 Cool Examples Of Magazine Style Websites

The lure to design trendy websites has opened up the opportunities for trying new things like unconventional layouts and modern designs. As a part of designing websites with new look and feel, magazine styled websites are gaining momentum. Though these multiple columned grid like designs are commonly used for online magazines and news related websites, some of the portfolio and entertainment websites are also following the trend to introduce a difference. Here are 30 examples of well designed magazine style designs spicing the traditional designs with multiple columns and relevant advertisements.

  1. The Swish Life Magazine
  2. Wired
  3. BMI Voyager
  4. Zaum And Brown
  5. WWD
  6. Wmagazine
  7. Wedding Style
  8. Ugsmag
  9. The Times
  10. Style
  11. Space Collective
  12. San Fransisco
  13. Relative Magazine
  14. Macalicious
  15. Livestrong
  16. Justin Timberlake
  17. GQ Magazine
  18. Dazed Digital
  19. Creative & Live
  20. Clutch
  21. Brides
  22. BigKid
  23. BBC
  24. Azure
  25. File Magazine
  26. RDB: Ruadebaixo
  27. Collide Magazine
  28. Creative Review
  29. Rolling Stone
  30. Techi
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