35 Handpicked Color Palette Generators For Effective Web Design

Here are 35 color palette generators to help web-designers choose the appropriate color scheme. Color palette generator is an application which helps the web designer by providing various color options. It serves the purpose of designing an effective web page, where colors play a crucial role. The color palette generator comes in handy for selecting the colors which best suit the design, aesthetics and purpose of the web-page.

  1. Kuler
  2. Color Hunter
  3. Color Blend
  4. Color Jack
  5. Color Mixers
  6. Color Combos
  7. Kolur
  8. ColorMod: ColorPicker
  9. Color Explorer
  10. Colors Palette Generator
  11. Pictaculous
  12. Toucan
  13. What’s Its Color
  14. Colors On The Web: Color Wizard
  15. Color Scheme Generator
  16. CheckMyColors
  17. Color Scheme Designer
  18. Random Color Tool
  19. Daily Color Scheme
  20. Colorspire
  21. Color Schemer
  22. Color Calculator
  23. Copaso
  24. Colorotate
  25. ColorMunki
  26. Colr
  27. ColorSuckr
  28. Colordb
  29. Slayer Office: Color Palette
  30. Image Color Palette Generator
  31. Photocopa
  32. Color Wheel
  33. Color Mixer Tool
  34. 4096 Color Wheel
  35. Color Palette Generator

Which one do you use?

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