5 Torn Edge Photo-Frame Effect Tutorials

A torn-edge photo frame effect looks beautiful on family photos while emphasizing the subject as if almost popping out of the photograph. But while our searches revealed that the tutorials are few, we did collect some of the relevant ones:

  1. Simple and Realistic torn edges frame tutorial: Some self-promotion but something we invented that was simple yet realistic and easy to follow. Takes less than a minute.
  2. Ripped Edge Frame Effect: Seems like this one is missing the essential keywords in the title. Nevertheless this one is close only not quite the finish we wanted.
  3. Torn Paper Edge: Another take at it by the same site.
  4. Ripped and Torn Edges: This is the one that we followed to the end and the effect was beautiful, realistic — just what we wanted. But this involved using the brush and we had to connect our tablet device. Not easy to follow and quite lengthy but delivers the result. This is the one that inspired us to invent our own method as in step 1.
  5. Torn Edge Frame: This one is quick and dirty. Not the effect we were looking for but a good one nonetheless. We experimented with this one too and used some of the steps.

So pick up one of your favorite photographs that you’ve clicked and apply the torn edge frame effect. Should be quite some work for the weekend but you’ll make a beautiful wallpaper too. What other photo effects do you recommend?

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