6 Must Haves For A Successful Website Of A Law Firm

must haves for website of a law firm

When you are caught in a legal fix, more than your family and friends – a lawyer is your true savior. That’s why it is very important for a lawyer to be accessible 24/7. Lawyers might get abundant business opportunities through referrals, but if you want to spread your wings across the globe, then having a website for your law firm is a must! Now-a-days, professionals acknowledge the importance of website and thus prefer interacting with their clients through website. However, always remember that your website highlights your professionalism and your goals. So, following are few elements that are important to map the success of a law firm!

  1. Professional Look

    The most important feature for a law firm is to achieve a professional look. Your website design speaks volumes about your branding as a law firm. Your website should clearly reflect how you can help your potential customers.

  2. Responsive Website

    Mobile phones are not restricted for calling! Today, every person uses his mobile phones for browsing too! Why not? They are close-at-hand than desktops and laptops. So, make sure that your website is mobile-responsive and also compatible with browsers. Usually, prospects are looking for firms that are based in their vicinity and hence mobile is a savior for them in such cases. So, make sure that your website gives them a lifetime experience on mobile phones!

  3. Power-Packed Bio

    You are going to get clients only if you have a well-designed portfolio. People would want to know what your past experience has been! Who is your eminent team? By mentioning your accreditations, you create a bond of trust and satisfaction amongst the masses. State your services clearly and back them up with a flawless analysis. Don’t forget to mention your contact details, address and social media links. They play a vital role while connecting!

  4. Testimonials

    These play a vital role, especially for law firms because prospects believe in social experiences. What society speaks about your practice – is a game changer for your prospects. Your knowledge, your expertise is what forces them to come to you and that can be achieved only by testimonials. You can also ask your clients to post reviews which will help boost your practice. Make sure to emphasize on positive reviews alone! Try and have video testimonials because that creates impact!

  5. Blogging

    Reviews are a brief encounter for prospects, but if you want to explain them in detail, then start blogging. Write blog posts that will help them understand your working nature. Also, through blogs you can share research and statistics which will enlighten them. If you receive any negative feedback, then they can be tackled in detail through blogging!

  6. Proper Call-To-Action (CTA):

    Have proper CTA to help your prospects navigate better on your website! CTA helps in provoking a quick response, thus making the website more interactive! With CTA, you attract a prospect towards your goal. When you have a CTA that states –  ‘Know More’, it makes the prospect curious, thus leading him to your goal!

Apart from all these, get hold of proper online marketing tools like SEO, Content Marketing, SERPs to target better and a larger audience!

And here are the best law firm websites. Check out for design inspiration and creative ideas!

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