64 Ultimate Photoshop Custom Shapes Collection

Photoshop has been the first choice of designers all over the world. It gives you control over many new creations. You can design your own shapes other than what’s available, to be used in your design work.

If you don’t find it convenient to design your own, there are many custom shapes are available online for the download. Many of them are under free to use license. However many are premium and need to be bought first.

Here is the collection of resources where you can download the custom shapes for your work of art.

  1. Photoshop Shapes Collection
  2. Stock Girls
  3. Simple Flowers
  4. Smooth Arrows
  5. Badges
  6. Gears
  7. Arrows
  8. Zooms
  9. Links
  10. Corneristic Shapes
  11. Web Arrows Buttons
  12. Clock Shapes
  13. Circle Vectors
  14. Intricate Circles
  15. Fish Vector Graphics
  16. Fancy Stars
  17. Button Vector Shapes
  18. Coffee Cups
  19. Sun, Clouds, Home, Keys
  20. Atoms and Molecules
  21. Glass Shapes
  22. Stitched Icon Vectors
  23. Birthday Cakes
  24. Sunburst
  25. Wavy And Spiral Sunburst
  26. RSS Feed Vectors
  27. Shopping and E-commerce
  28. Pretty Chat Icons
  29. Paper Clips
  30. Email Envelops
  31. Yin Yang Icons
  32. Hearts
  33. Shiny Water Drops
  34. Sun Vectors
  35. Icons
  36. Random Shapes
  37. Shields
  38. Hand Drawn Arrows
  39. CD Disks
  40. Hand Drawn Gears
  41. Web Icons
  42. Plus, Minus Shapes
  43. Ticks
  44. Locks
  45. Flames
  46. Pretty Texture Icons
  47. Foliage Vectors
  48. Hoops
  49. Logos
  50. Ray Guns and Laser Blasters
  51. World War II Plane
  52. Businessman Silhouettes
  53. Horses
  54. Play Station Icons
  55. Customs and Characters
  56. Ornaments I
  57. Ornament II
  58. Hot Babes
  59. People Shadows
  60. Lavas Customs
  61. Photoshop Vegetation Vectors
  62. Car Logos
  63. Code Geass
  64. Straights and Swirls

Hope you liked and got the desired shapes to be used in your art work.

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