Background Tutorials — 25 Photoshop Background Tutorials

Background design has always been a vital part in any kind of design — be it a simple website design, a product advertisement or any other kind of design. When it comes to choosing the best background design, it becomes very difficult to find or design a good background. It in fact needs a lot of inspiration and proper understanding of client’s requirement to add feel to the design. As such designing a perfect background that matches the theme of the website becomes all the more necessary. So in this tutorial, we have compiled a list of Photoshop tutorials on background design that you can follow or simply add to your bookmark list for future reference. Check out the Photoshop tutorials here and try them out for some amazing background effects for your next project.

  1. Create a Glowing Light Painting Effect
  2. A Cool Lighting Effect In Photoshop
  3. How to Create an Interplay of Abstract Light Streaks
  4. Awesome digital bokeh effect in Photoshop
  5. Advanced Glow Effects
  6. Create A Similar Mac X Aurora Wallpaper Using Photoshop
  7. How to create abstract colorful background with bokeh effect in Photoshop
  8. Stripy abstract wallpaper in Photoshop
  9. How to Create a Realistic IES Lighting Effect in Photoshop
  10. Creating a Mac-Type Background in Photoshop
  11. Luminescent Lines
  12. Create a magical rainbow color flame in Photoshop
  13. Reader Tutorial: Typography Wallpaper in Photoshop
  14. Diving
  15. Hexagon Bokeh Effect in Photoshop
  16. How to create Abstract Starfield Background in Photoshop CS5
  17. Create very shiny summer wallpaper
  18. Create A Glowing Extreme Wallpaper in Photoshop
  19. Create a Fringe Inspired Wallpaper
  20. Create bright abstract diagonal lines background in Photoshop CS5
  21. Create Artistic Abstract Shapes via the Powerful Warp Tool in Photoshop
  22. Photoshop Tutorial – Fabric Folds
  23. Creating a Cool Brushed Metal Surface in Photoshop
  24. Colourful Swirl
  25. Windows Vista Aurora Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Want to design your own? Check out How To Create HD Background.

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