Blog Design — Design Elements And Their Effect

I am sketching out a design for a premium wordpress theme I’m designing. That inspired me to mention some of the basic elements used in design and the effect they render.While to the naked eye they all look what they are, their effect in combination and overall on the site brings some starking results.

Thus here are a few top elements used in web design and their effect.

  • Borders

    Borders add definition to elements. If two elements have same or similar color, the effective use of border helps distinguish between the two bodies.

  • Rounded shapes

    Rounded shapes (think curves) are naturally appealing. Most of our natural environment consists of shapes which are round. Trees, pebbles, sky, water, waves etc all have naturally perfect curves on the outlines. When effectively used with sharp defined edges they give the design a surreal look and feel.

  • Gradients

    Gradients render a soft 3-d effect and make things look real and touchable. They highlight the impression as if they were carefully placed in a 3 dimensional space.

  • Stripes and Patterns

    Stripes actually are a subset of a larger family of patterns. Patterns when used thoughtfully for the background give a nice textured feel to the overall design. They create an impression of various elements been placed over a surface.

  • Colors

    Colors define the bodies of the elements themselves. A good color contrasts highlights the difference between two objects. Too much
    of it gives the design a cluttered look. A low contrast necessitates use of borders to enhance definition of surfaces.

  • Space

    Space enhances the elegance and cleanness of a design. Used effectively it adds a distinct dimension to the elegance of your design that speaks volumes about itself. Sometimes a single element positioned as a subject on a spacious design looks more beautiful than anything else on the site. It’s like using a metaphor in a sentence which implies a lot of meaning within a few words.

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