CheatSheet Collection — 20 Useful Web Development CheatSheets

Cheatsheets are quick-reference guides which come in handy when working with any software or a programming language. CheatSheets also allow you to save time. Here’s our collection of 20 useful web-development related cheatsheets.

  1. CSS Cheat Sheet by Dave Child
  2. CSS in One Page at
  3. CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet at
  4. CSS Level 1.0 Properties Cheat Sheet by deepX Ltd
  5. CSS Level 2 Quick Reference Card by Banjamin Jung
  6. CSS 2 Cheat Sheet at
  7. HTML & XHTML Quick Reference by Interactive Media Center
  8. HTML 5 Canvas Cheat Sheet at
  9. XHTML Cheat Sheet V 1.03 by Florian Schmitaz
  10. HTML 5 New Standard for Web Interconnectivity by James Sugrue
  11. HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet by Antonio Lupetti
  12. JavaScript Quick Reference Card 1.03 at
  13. Addison Wesley’s JavaScript Reference Card
  14. JavaScript a free online Quick Reference by Visibone
  15. JavaScript and Browser Objects Quick Reference by Denny Goodman
  16. JQuery Cheat Sheet at
  17. PHP Cheat Sheet by Dave Child
  18. PHP Cheat Sheet with Syntax at
  19. PHP Cheat Sheet (V1) by Added Bytes
  20. WordPress Reference Sheet by Liquidicity

Do you refer to any cheatsheets? Which ones?

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