Creating A Landing Page In WordPress I — Introduction

This is the first post in the series Creating a landing page in WordPress.

  1. Creating a landing page in WordPress I – Introduction
  2. Creating a landing page in WordPress II — Architecture and Design
  3. Creating a landing page in WordPress III — Coding and Implementation

What is a landing page

A landing page is a custom page tailored and designed specifically to target and engage new visitors. In this sense

  • A landing page serves as a tool to pitch the new visitors
  • A way to marketing and promote your content
  • An advertisement of your blog and content.
  • A central page which paves the foundation for visitors quest for exploring your blog.
  • It draws the visitors in and and leads them into the depth of your blog content.

The Marketing Principle(s) behind the landing page

I think we performed well. We flaunted (the fact that we were different).
– Bryan Smith

A landing page should suitably give you visitors as many choices you can offer to lead them into exploring and bookmarking or subscribing to your blog. When you have a landing page you are basically showcasing your blog for the first time visitors and introducing them to it. It is in many senses quite like the first day at the new office. You are inducted to the organization to know and understand it better while preparing yourself for the work. Here the visitors are being welcomed and inducted to your blog so they know what the blog is about, what content interests them and if they would like to follow the blog or bookmark the content. Also on a landing page if you are able to provide as much information and choices of content to the new visitor you are basically getting them to pay attention to the overall richness and quality of your content. This information, its quality and quantity must be overwhelming thus striking the right cord with the visitors to bookmark your content to subscribe, come back, read and explore again.

  • Showcase the quality.
  • Showcase the quantity.
  • Present choices (This is not deception. Every post of yours gets buried into the archives. Make them sticky.) possibly overwhelming the visitors so they bookmark, subscribe or follow your blog.

What are we going to achieve

  • In this series we are going to architect the design of a landing page – what and how much to present and how to present.
  • We will be coding some PHP to pull specific content to showcase the visitors. We will use a few specific WordPress loops to pull this content.
  • We are going to arrange that content so that it provides a lot of choice of content to the visitors, is overwhelming while not being cluttered or unpleasing.
  • We shall draw the visitor to the blog thereby earning some loyal subscribers.

I implemented a landing page here on Convertica and doubled my visitors in two days. Given all other things are equal a landing page creates the first and the everlasting impression of your blog thereby almost doubling the visitor conversion. In this post we have seen what is a landing page, its purpose and how we plan to make one. Keep watching this space for the next in the series.


  1. This an interesting topic. Can you show example theme please…

  2. I just wrote a post on how I utilize Google Analytics to optimize my landing page keywords. I really don’t know if this is any big secret as I am sure lots of other people optimize their landing pages in this way, but it works for me and maybe someone else would be interested too.

  3. By knowing how many people you send the email to, how many click the link and finally how many take action on the page you have a complete set of metrics to know how successful your campaign has been.

  4. I saw that about Pepperjam also and was going to look into it too. It is kind of like a BANS site but without having to use eBay.

  5. Really nice but a little confusing for me. I am newbie in wp. My question is though; Can I create a site in photoshop, code it in dreamweaver and then paste in the code between the code you provided above? Is this clear?… kind of confuse…

  6. Part 1: excellent (and no mention of Thesis, the everywhere but nowhere theme).

  7. I’ve got 5 landing pages to put up – I’m going to give WP a try. Can anyone recommend a contractor which I can sub the work out to that is fairly inexpensive ?

  8. for wordpress website, what is the best place for putting landing page ? in the root folder or in sub folder ?

  9. It’s also important to take into consideration, the colors and graphics used when making an effective landing page. videos tend to do really well on landing pages because it creates an interactive environment for the viewer.


  10. Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

  11. I have created many Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages on WordPress and it’s all down to the theme you use. There are some themes which are built especially for the task, but in reality you can even use the “Twenty Ten” Default theme if you select the “One Column, No Sidebar” page layout.

    As long as you have a compelling headline, maybe a video, some convincing text and an opt-in box and you’re good to go.

    Great article, I hope people give it a try and see if they can start to build a profitable list.

  12. Hmm what about creating a single sign up form page using wordpress?

  13. does this work with thesis theme
    and can you say if it work if wp content hosted in amazon s3

  14. I was looking for some information on how to design a landing page for my Adwords campaign and stumbled to this site. Though this was a very old blog post, I gained some information on it. Thanks!

  15. How can a landing page be added to a site which is up and running? Do you just add it like an additional page?

  16. Great article.
    Wordpress Landing Pages and all landing pages should be focused on one thing. The call to action.
    I see so many landing pages that are full of information yet the call to action is buried at the bottom of the page.
    Tip – Place the call to acton before the fold of the landing page.

  17. Hi provided awesome information regarding the landing page theme…….thanks i got more knowledge from this sir..

  18. well, not to be nit-picky, because I stumbled upon this page thanks to this entry, and I too also found it very informative and helpful, but technically what these instructions help one create is in fact a home page for their blog… a landing page is something a little more specific, a custom introductory page that loads when someone first visits a site, but then when they proceed into the site, they do not see it again… after that, they would navigate between the content pages in the site, including a home page (the important distinction being that when you have a menu item for the home page, it takes you to the home page, and not to the landing page)… case in point, your very example of this binaryturf site, home in the navigation takes you to your landing page, which illustrates that it is in fact a home page. still, very good job describing the procedure, now i am off to continue looking for how to create an actual landing page that does not behave like a home page.

  19. I have been researching for quite some time as I am loooking for an actual landing page and not just a blog that I can turn into a static page. I see many wordpress review sites with just a one page landing with ads on the side. Thats what I am looking for . Do you think diytheme is a good idea? I saw elegant themes but they really oinly have pre made templates I need something i can tweak


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