Creative Website Designs — 25 Handpicked Websites For Creative Ideas

Intuitive design, user-experience and interactive  web layout are some of the pillars and principles of a successful website design. But then there are some awesome designs that break the design principles and yet qualify as great, creative designs. Here is a collection of websites that break the rules; either by introducing stylish horizontal scrollbars or by communicating the message entirely through imagery or sometimes overriding the usage of graphics by employing beautiful typography. Check out these websites to gain inspiration and get some creative ideas for your next design project.

  1. Atanai Plus
  2. Rich Brown
  3. Demi Creative
  4. Quazar Web Design
  5. Kyan
  6. Ecoki
  7. Traffik
  8. Common Places
  9. Second Story
  10. Jwi Louvres
  12. Films By Brett Johnson
  13. Ascension Latorre
  14. Kiluka
  15. Razorbraille
  16. Icreon Design Studio
  17. Josh Fabian
  18. Turio Creative
  19. TVL Corps
  20. Dhub
  21. Tytorean
  22. X-doria
  23. Rory Mcilroy
  24. Oliver Russel
  25. Besties With Testies

Looking for some more inspiration! Check out the collection of unconventional designs for designing visually appealing and interactive websites.

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