Design Inspiration — 20 Cool Blue Designs For Tranquil Appeal

As an extension to the series of design inspiration on colorful websites, we further decided to carry on the legacy of colors by creating dedicated lists for various colors. Here are 20 cool, pleasing blue designs. Blue color is generally associated with calmness and productivity. And the designs perked with blue color create soothing effect for the eyes which is considered as a welcoming sign for the visitors. Have good time taking inspiration for refreshing and naturally appealing blue colored websites.

  1. Arbeldesigns
  2. C.line
  3. Chyma
  4. Clever Elements
  5. Ehealthconference
  6. Elitewebmaster
  7. Freshnotcanned
  8. Gbit
  9. Glasdach
  10. I2g
  11. Ideaware
  12. Makecolor
  13. Neptune Regatta
  14. Phureal
  15. Pojeta
  16. Powerdive
  17. Skyluke
  18. The Pixel Blog
  19. Vivacitas
  20. Ysprod
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