Google +1 — Power Up Your Weblog With Google PlusOne

Google +1 was released by Google on 30 March as a small +1 button to appear next to search engine results. Google released the +1 button for integration in websites as well. Even though Google +1 is rolled out as an experiment to highly personalize the search results for those having the public Google profiles, the Google’s attempt to +1 the web experience holds good promises for leveraging the traffic on your website. So, let’s check out what Google +1 is all about.

What Is Google +1

As Google advocates, Google +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out”. It is the Google’s way to provide a platform to online readers to recommend what they like best on the web. From the user’s perspective, Google +1 is an efficient way of finding the best and highly recommended stuff on the web (through the +1 count enlisted along with the search results) and from the webmasters’ point of view, it is an effective medium of driving traffic to the website.

Along with providing the platform for social sharing, Google aims at integrating the +1 analytics in the search algorithms to deliver highly personalized results for the search query typed in by people.

Implications Of Google +1 For Your Weblog

Google +1 is Google’s initiative to integrate the “people’s say” and liking in the search results. Quite similar to the Facebook like, Google’s +1 button allows the users / readers to provide their stamp of approval or vote the quality content and useful ads on the internet. Google +1 triggers social sharing and influences the website’s visibility in the search results as well. Google +1 button stands distinct as compared to other social sharing and bookmarking options, as it allows you to  kill two birds with one stone; social sharing and SEO benefits at the same time.

How To Add Google +1 Button To Your Website

Google’s +1 is an effective and efficient way of driving traffic to your website. Owing to the two-folds benefit it offers, it is immensely important to integrate Google +1 to your website and let your clients, visitors, readers and users recommend your quality services to others. In an attempt to make it fairly simple for bloggers and webmasters to integrate the plus one button, Google offers the button configurator which generates the code for you as you choose the settings for your custom +1 button. The +1 button configurator allows you to select the size and language (from around 40 languages it supports) along with the advanced options to mention JS callback function and URL to +1. You can refer to Google +1 button API for better understanding of the options and settings for customizing the +1 button.

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