Lander Feature Day 5 — SILOs With Contextual Menus


Here is another awesome feature of Lander — achieving SILO content architecture in WordPress. SILOing is a powerful on-page technique for boosting the SEO of your website and Lander helps you in building strong SILOs for your site without any hassles.

Lander provides you the ability to set different navigation menus based on the context, content and keywords of the pages, posts, categories, etc. These keyword based contextually relevant menus help search engines in understanding the intent of the webpages which in turn translates into better search rankings. Not just that, the contextually relevant menus also make your site user-friendly and captivates the interest of the readers.

Watch this video to see how Lander does it:

Depending on the context of the page, post or category, you can now assign contextually relevant menus — for better SEO and user experience both at the same time.


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