PayPal Emailable Payment Link Generator

Payment Link Generator form

As a Genesis-Wordpress designer I frequently have to provide quotations to potential clients for their service requests. And every time I do that, I have to generate a payment link that can be clicked and would redirect the client to PayPal for initiating the transaction. Here’s a neat little form that I’ve coded for the same. May be you are looking for it too. Just populate the required fields and it will generate a PayPal payment link that you can email your clients and they will be able to click and initiate a payment. The beauty is that it’s all client side so it works dynamically and no info is passed wherever… whatsoever.

(in USD)

There is not much you have to do in this form. Just put your email, add a description about the payment and the amount that has to be transferred. Click on the generate button, and voila, the link is generated. Before sending the link to the client, you can test the payment link by clicking on “Test PayPal Link” . This will redirect you to PayPal, where you can view the order summary (product or service description along with the amount) as will be available to your client.

If it all works perfectly, mail your client the link. Simple and easy.

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