Photoshop Pattern Collection — Excellent Photoshop Patterns For Exquisite Web Design

Here is an excellent collection of beautiful Photoshop patterns for web designers. The patterns come in handy for creating beautifully decorated borders, for rendering amazing backgrounds, for graphic designing of business cards, brochures, etc and the list goes on endless. These free to download PAT files are a great source of design inspiration as well as an appropriate investment for beautiful web designs.

  1. Pattern Pack 2 by Peter Plastic (ultimate collection of 190 patterns)
    Pattern Pack 2
  2. Webtreats: Vintage Pea Green Photoshop Patterns (a set of 6 patterns)
  3. Webtreats: Tileable Icy and Watery Seamless Blue Textures (9 patterns set)
  4. Webtreats: Tileable Basket Weave Textures
  5. Dice Patterns by JenniStock (a set of 5 patterns)
  6. Ultimate Carbon Patterns by Axertion (a pack of 16 patterns)
    Ultimate carbon patterns
  7. Different Pattern by Design Maker (available as vector graphics as well)
    Different Pattern
  8. Seamless Tile BirdsNBerries by Pixels & Icecream
    Seamless Tile BirdsNBerries
  9. PS Patterns Pack 2 by Ashzstock (a set of 3 photoshop patterns)
    PS Patterns Pack 2
  10. Stripes And Love Hearts
    Stripes And Love Hearts
  11. Geometric Links Blue
    Geometric Links Blue
  12. Leafy Brown
    Leafy Brown
  13. Antique Engraved
    Antique Engraved
  14. Carbon Fibre Patterns (a set of 10 patterns)
    Carbon Fibre Patterns
  15. Spiderman Pattern
    Spiderman Pattern
  16. Vector Patterns by basstar (a set of 12 patterns)
    Vector Patterns
  17. Wooden Pattern Pack by minus78 (a set of 13 wooden textures and patterns)
    Wooden Pattern Pack
  18. Floral Pattern by Snufver
    Floral Pattern
  19. Baby Girl
    Baby Girl
  20. Iris Royal Ornament Pattern (a set of 6 ornamental patterns)
    Iris Royal Ornament Pattern
  21. Dark Floral PS Patterns (a collection of 10 patterns)
    Dark Floral PS Patterns
  22. Colorful Squares (a set of 6 patterns of colored squares)
    Colorfull Squares
  23. Patterns
  24. Bloomsterang
  25. Fabric Photoshop Patterns (a set of 12 fabric photoshop patterns)
    Fabric Photoshop Patterns
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