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WP Designer allows you to add extra functionality to your site in a standard compliant way using customization best-practices. It helps you to customize your WordPress site and retain your customizations regardless of the theme you use.

It allows you to extend any WordPress theme, plugin and WordPress itself. Once you have activated the plugin, it creates the wp-designer folder in the uploads directory which includes all the necessary files and folders required for designing the site. The plugin enables you to keep all your edits at one single place.

Just fire-up your code editor and start playing with the site customizations. Place all your code snippets in functions.php and design specific CSS customizations in style.css. Upload design specific images to the images folder and all your scripts into the scripts folder.

WP Designer also gives you a development friendly environment. It provides you options to conveniently disable your customizations when you want to troubleshoot.

The plugin allows you to keep the site functionality outside the theme so that it is not dependent on the theme. Even if you switch over the theme, these customizations still persist. And updating the current theme is no more a nightmare!

Customize your WordPress theme the right way with WP Designer. Download the plugin and add extra customizations to your theme without any hassles.

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