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With my semantic SEO oriented PSD to Thesis conversion services, Google is able to decipher what your website is all about and ranks it at the top.

Your website not only looks awesome, loads fast but also generates more revenue. ROI manifold!

My PSD To Thesis service comes in handy if you already have a design that you want to implement into the Thesis theme custom skin. Send me your beautiful Photoshop design and I’ll deliver you a pixel perfect website using a Thesis framework skin.

PSD To Thesis Service Features

SEO: Top Notch & Semantic — Having converted so many designs to WordPress, my services come with extensive and in-depth knowledge of on-page SEO best-practices. That means when search engines try to decipher a page, they’ll be able to make sense of what the site is about and rank it the best accordingly. I keep abreast of the latest SEO developments like schema, metadata etc. This truly takes the premium Thesis Framework a step further than the default SEO built-in. You’ll be surprised to see the results within just a few days!

Pixel Perfect Designs — Powered by Thesis theme framework, I will convert your beautiful design into a fully functional website in a matter of 5 days. My work always rests upon my skill of being able to make sense out of the various areas in the PSD designs you send. I take my time to sit and analyze how the various  areas in the PSD design are meant to function and what is their importance in the template structure.

Cross Browser Tested — Your design will be tested in all major browsers and will work seamlessly.

White-Label (at no extra charge) — If you are a web developer you can outsource your design work to me. I shall not claim attribution or even use it in our portfolio. That’s the reason why many web designers entrust their design projects to me. While many white-label services cost extra (since they can’t be shown in the portfolio etc. to impress more clients); I believe white-label shouldn’t cost extra.

Personal Service — When you work with me there’s no waiting to get the mails answered. You deal with one person, single point of responsibility and accountability — a hassle-free customer experience. Fire up Skype and feel free to discuss the project with me.

My Experience = No Rookie Learning At Your Cost — As an experienced professional, I’ve been there and done that. I know why things don’t work when it happens. I can go straight to the thing causing the issue and fix it. A rookie on the other hand does the research at customer’s cost, comes up with a hack to get things going and takes time to implement it. That hack remains lodged into the site like a spoke and the clients pay dearly in the long run. Hire me, stay safe and get peace-of-mind.

No commitment required! — You are free as a bird and I’m there when you need me.

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