Showcase Blog Tags And Categories In 3D With WP-Cumulus

It’s a 3D cloud made in flash – a very impressive way to showcase tags and categories of your blog to the visitors. Wp-cumulus is a WordPress plugin that displays the tags and categories of your blog in a rotating 3D cloud. The location of the visitors mouse over the cloud determines it’s direction and speed of rotation. A hover over any item stops the movement and a click on the item opens a link to that tag or category.

Wp-Cumulus registers a new sidebar widget that needs to be placed at a suitable location on one of the sidebars for the cloud to be displayed. The plugin has many option that allow you to customize the way the cloud is displayed. For example you can change the foreground, background, hover colors etc. With such comprehensive options Wp-Cumulus leaves little else to be asked for. Install Wp-Cumulus from the WordPress Plugins Directory.

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