Best WooCommerce Sites — 28 Awesome Real-life Websites Using WooCommerce

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As a WooCommerce service provider, it is always interesting to learn about the latest trends in the ecommerce market. There are a lot of alternatives for building ecommerce websites. There are standalone platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce; WordPress plugins like WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads and third-party tools like Samcart, Amazon, etc.

It is really interesting to see that WooCommerce has 3+ million active installs (as of Feb 2018) and has a current market share of 42% of the entire internet (Source: BuiltWith).

Selling products; digital or physical is pretty common. Ecommerce websites are serving food & beverage industry, clothing & fashion industry. Then there are electronic goods, books and ebooks, tech gear, jewellery, art and craft articles, all kinds of accessories and so on.

WooCommerce has taken the entire ecommerce game plan to a new level by serving service sector too. You can build online learning system, bookings and accommodations system, subscription based services on WooCommerce and that too without reinventing the wheel. There are WooCommerce extensions to help you get started without putting in much time and effort. Well, that is one of the reasons for such a massive market share.

Choosing the platform is the technical side of things. For running a successful online store, you have to give equal importance to user experience & graphic design. User experience plays an important role in converting the visitors into buyers. I was doing some research and I stumbled across WooCommerce Showcase. It is a great source of design inspiration for ecommerce websites and it was impressive to see the beautifully designed online stores powered by WooCommerce.

Here are 28 handpicked, real-life websites using WooCommerce for selling products / services / subscriptions across various niches and industries.

1. Coastal Coffee Dist

Industry / Category: Food & Beverages

Coastal Coffee Dist - Online Coffee Store

2. Asheville Bee Charmer

Industry / Category: Food & Beverages

Asheville Bee Charmer built on WordPress

3. Rotimatic

Industry / Category: Electronics

Rotimatic using WooCommerce

4. Chii

Industry / Category: Food & Beverages

Chii powered by WooCommerce

5. Fusion Jerky

Industry / Category: Food & Beverages

Fusion Jerky built on WooCommerce

6. Hashtag Bay

Industry / Category: Clothing & Fashion

Hashtag Bay Online Shop

7. Heladitos

Industry / Category: Food & Beverages

Heladitos Online Store

8. Happy Plugs

Industry / Category: Clothing & Fashion

Happy Plugs Ecommerce Store

9. Direct Alert

Industry / Category: Health

Direct Alert WordPress Website

10. One Herd

Industry / Category: Clothing & Fashion

One Herd WooCommerce Shop

11. Coffee Beans Delivered

Industry / Category: Food & Beverages

Coffee Beans Delivered Ecommerce Site

12. Curly Girl Design

Industry / Category: Clothing & Fashion

Curly Girl Design WordPress Ecommerce Site

13. Sodashi

Industry / Category: Beauty Products

Sodashi WooCommerce

14. Tao of Tea

Industry / Category: Food & Beverages

Tao of tea

15. Soothing Scents

Industry / Category: Health


16. Better Body Foods

Industry / Category: Food & Beverages / Health

Better Body Foods

17. Only Mine

Industry / Category: Food & Beverages

Only Mine Online Store

18. Printing New York

Industry / Category: Retail / Print

Printing New York WordPress ecommerce site

19. Bloomboxco

Industry / Category: Retail / Florist


20. Scan 2 CAD

Industry / Category: Digital & Software

Scan2cad on WooCommerce

21. All City Artwear

Industry / Category: Clothing & Fashion

All City Art Wear - Online Store

22. Redd Superfood Energy Bars

Industry / Category: Food & Beverages

Reddbar Ecommerce Site

23. Wool Couture Company

Industry / Category: Clothing & Fashion

Wool Couture Company

24. Five Seasons

Industry / Category: Clothing & Fashion

Five Seasons WooCommerce Store

25. Les Rois du PQ

Industry / Category: Home Decor


26. Matchanna

Industry / Category: Food & Beverages

Matchanna using WooCommerce

27. Pete and Pedro

Industry / Category: Beauty Products

Pete and pedro WooCommerce Website

28. Output

Industry / Category: Digital & Software

Output WordPress Ecommerce Site

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