Thesis Font Previews — A Visual Guide To Thesis Theme Fonts

Thesis theme for WordPress is considered to be the best as far as the typography is concerned. The pixel perfect types gives your website a professional identity. But in the rush of designing visually appealing designs, we often overlook these complimenting types; might be because we never have that much of time to preview each and every font offered by the theme. In this respect we decided to present a visual guide for Thesis users. The list contains the sequential font-previews of the fonts offered by Thesis.

  1. Arial
  2. Arial Black
  3. Arial Narrow
  4. Cantarell
  5. Cardo
  6. Courier New
  7. Crimson Text
  8. Droid Sans
  9. Droid Serif
  10. Georgia
  11. IM Fell Double Pica G
  12. IM Fell Double Pica SC G
  13. IM Fell DW Pica G
  14. IM Fell DW Pica SC G
  15. IM Fell English G
  16. IM Fell English SC G
  17. IM Fell French Canon G
  18. IM Fell French Canon SC G
  19. IM Fell Great Primer G
  20. IM Fell Great Primer SC G
  21. Inconsolata G
  22. Josefin Sans Std Light G
  23. Lobster G
  24. Molengo G
  25. Nobile G
  26. OFL Sorts Mill Goudy TT G
  27. Old Standard TT G
  28. Reenie Beanie G
  29. Tangerine G
  30. Times New Roman
  31. Trebuchet MS
  32. Verdana
  33. Vollkorn G
  34. Yanone Kaffeesatz G
  35. American Typewriter
  36. Andale Mono
  37. Baskerville
  38. Bookman Old Style
  39. Calibri
  40. Cambria
  41. Candara
  42. Century Gothic
  43. Century Schoolbook
  44. Consolas
  45. Constantia
  46. Corbel
  47. Droid Sans Mono
  48. Franklin Gothic Medium
  49. Garamond
  50. Gill Sans
  51. Helvetica
  52. Hoefler Text
  53. Lucida Bright
  54. Lucida Grande
  55. Palantino
  56. Rockwell
  57. Tahoma
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