Typography Resources — 15 Must-Read Articles About Typography

Typography is not just about getting the right font to compliment the design. It is in fact the backbone of web-design, an intrusive element for giving voice to the content. It is not readability alone, it is an immersing experience, of relating to letters, words and a lot more. Here’s a list of resources to help you understand the theory and practicality of typography — for introducing the element of style to the content.

  1. On Web Typography [A List Apart]: The article illustrates graphic designer Jason Santa Maria’s take on typography.
  2. A 20 Minute Intro To Typography Basics [Psdtuts+]: A very basic article for the beginners, to help them understand the typographic terminology.
  3. The Elements Of Typographic Style Applied To The Web [Web Typography]: A comprehensive guide for understanding typography in “action”.
  4. Typeface Anatomy And Glossary [Font Shop]: The web-page aims at teaching a newbie or a professional, the elements of a glyph, diagrammatically as well as theoretically.
  5. A Guide To Web Typography [I Love Typography]: The article speaks abut the elegance of types and typography in terms of contrast, size, hierarchy and space.
  6. Technical Web Typography: Guidelines and Techniques [Smashing Magazine]: The article provides in-depth overview of technical aspect of typography which comes in handy for not only choosing a right font but for maintaining the word-flow at large.
  7. The Taxonomy Of Type [The Phuse]: A good overview of typography to get started with the types.
  8. The Principles Of Beautiful Typography [Sitepoint]: The author starts with explaining the importance of typography and eventually indulge you in the interesting world of types.
  9. Typography Is The Backbone Of Good Web Design [The Design Cubicle]: This article by Brian Hoff discloses some of the styles followed by the author to strengthen the look and feel of the web-page by paying extra attention to typography in terms of line height, letter-case and readability.
  10. “What Font Should I Use?”: Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces [Smashing Magazine]: The article simplifies the tedious job of picking up the right font by providing an insight into various font families in terms of expression (voice and emotion) they carry.
  11. Thinking With Type: Thinking With Type is a systematic approach for absorbing the typographic details ranging from a letter to text (and grid) as a whole.
  12. All About Typography [Typedia]: Typedia is a community website to classify typefaces and educate people about them.
  13. Typographica: Typographica reviews types and typography related books and occasionally shares the views on typography (and related stuff).
  14. Nice Web Type: Nice Web Type is a personal blog of Tim Brown working as type manager for Typekit, where he likes to share his notes on typography.
  15. 101 Typography Resources For Web Designers [Vandelay Design]: Vandelay Design presents an exhaustive list of references for web typography. The web page enlists the great fonts in the beginning and provides useful links for understanding the theory of typography as you scroll the page.
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