Why Is WordPress A Smart Option For Running Your Website?

Why WordPress?

It is always easy to look at something and admire it, but understanding the nitty-gritties is a whole different ball game. This happened to me when I decided to make my own website.

Being a computer inept, I had to use my superpower of opening Google and finding all the aspects of website making. Suffice to say, I am still in the process of understanding what is going on and how it works, then actually making my website.

One thing I did get out of this onerous ordeal is WordPress. This was the only ray of sunshine in otherwise very cold day. All the questions about what a domain is or how you save data over the server still confound me.

First things first. So what is WordPress? What did I learn about WordPress and why it was a ray of sunshine.

WordPress as you already know is a popular blogging and publishing tool. But of late people know WordPress more as a content management system. A whole lot of features like creation of pages and posts, switching between the themes, organizing the content with tags and categories and extending your website features with simple to use widgets and plugins, say it all.

I went through a lot of websites where the different CMSes were compared. The worth noting part in all those comparisons was that WordPress rocks for a novice like me. WordPress, no doubt is the friendliest of all.

It is friendly for the user who has some basic knowledge of the computer. Creating a page, publishing a post or even changing the look and feel of the website is as easy as managing a mail account. Few clicks and you are done.

But that’s not it, WordPress stands out owing to several features. Creating your website on this platform is a smart business or personal decision. Here’s why…

  1. WordPress is Free & Open Source

    WordPress is open source. Why should it matter to you? Because there are thousand of people who are making it better, faster and more user friendly and you get all this for free.

  2. WordPress Websites Are Cost Effective In Long Run

    Spending on a WordPress website is one time investment. Once you have a custom theme built for your site or just a premium theme or may be a free theme installed, you can sleep easy and concentrate on building your business.

  3. It Features A User Friendly Interface

    Most of the CMSes have complicated and scary structure that makes it hard for a layman like me to manage and update content. One such instance is Joomla’s backend. I was frightened to see the modules and for creating a new page, I had to hunt through all the admin screens and options. But with WordPress, it is easy-peasy; WordPress interface is simple and intuitive.

  4. It Is Easy To Manage & Extend

    Want to add a new page or content to the website? There is no need to panic. WordPress makes it easy for you to make changes to your website and have them reflect throughout your website. Not only this, you can easily organize your content using categories and tags.

    Managing Content with WordPress is simple and easy

  5. WordPress Market Is Highly Competitive

    Yes, this is a fact. WordPress market is highly competitive and you can easily find WordPress designers and developers at highly competitive rates. This enables you to get your website made at the best possible price. Not only this, you can hire WordPress developers on per task basis as well on job hiring sites like Elance and oDesk.

  6. It Offers Endless Customization Options

    WordPress has a wide range of plugins, themes and widgets which can help you in customizing WordPress as per your requirements. If you are DIY kinds, WordPress will open up several opportunities to tweak your website and if you hire a wordpress developer, he can eventually help you in turning a simple blog to a job portal; the options are limitless.

    Plugins, Widgets, Themes

  7. WordPress Is Trending

    WordPress is gaining popularity day by day. According to Wikipedia, WordPress is used by more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. If this is not a testament of being one of the most prominent choice of the people for building websites, than what can be?

  8. Strong Community Support

    WordPress, being free and open source, has become one of the most popular CMS. Because of this reason there is a vast community of experts, developers and beginners who are ready to help you at every step of the way. If you are having any issues with managing your WordPress website, just Google it or look forward to WordPress support forum.

  9. Amazing SEO

    The default WordPress theme; Twenty Fourteen is optimized for search engines and so are other premium themes in the market. WordPress simply hits a sweet spot with Google. The WordPress community features a repository of SEO plugins which can hep you right from optimizing the slugs to taking charge of all the on-page SEO factors. All this ultimately results in improved search engine ranks and better indexing.

  10. Responsive “Out-of-the-box”

    Since the world has moved from Nokia 1100 to smartphones, you will find WordPress on your smartphone and on the go. WordPress for Android brings in more cheers. Both, the front-end and the back-end of your website are responsive by default and will adapt to the screen size of the mobile device you are viewing it on.

    WordPress is responsive by default

  11. WordPress Is A Lot Of Fun

    Creating and managing your WordPress website is a lot of fun. The WordPress website eventually gives you an opportunity to learn one new thing each day — which gives you a sense of accomplishment. It is the easiest to learn of all the blogging and content management systems. You don’t need to contact your developer every time you need to update or tweak your website.

All these reasons have made WordPress “The” choice of both the website owners and the developers. What is your reason for choosing WordPress?

This post is contributed by Ruchika Karda. Ruchika is a freelance content developer who loves to create and share WordPress related articles.

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