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Interested in reaching to our huge subscriber base and promoting your blog? Convertica is the right place for it. Contribute a pillar article to Convertica and we will publish it upon review. Couple up your article with a short biography of yours mentioning your work and your blog and we shall use it in the credits and the bylines.


  • Articles must be unique and your original work.
  • We do not accept paid or sponsored articles.
  • Articles must be related to WordPress, Search engine optimization, performance optimization and conversion rate optimization.
  • Link out judiciously, we will provide links to your blog in the bylines.
  • The article can be plain text or a word document or a Google Document. We can format and complement the articles with images/figures where deemed necessary.
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SEO marketers please note: If you are looking for back-links, Convertica is not the right place. The guest posts in principle must provide value to our readers and the link is there to credit you for the article and so that people can visit your site and contact you.

If we find that a link is not suitable for the audience then we may not publish the article. By sending us the guest post you agree to transfer all your rights on the said article and articles once published will not be removed. Our policies are subject to change without notice.