WordPress Installation Checklist

wordpress installation checklist

This is first post in the series on website design process. Here’s are quick links to second and third parts:

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  2. Part III: Website Pre-Delivery Checklist

Here’s my small checklist to setup a new installation of WordPress on my development server. It is not so generic that everyone will use it. But it does do a thorough job of covering pitfalls. A checklist makes sure that you haven’t skipped anything just in case you have a flat tire or are caught up in some random thoughts while initiating (not that it happens either ways).

Installation and configuration on the development server

  1. Install and setup WordPress on the development server.
  2. Put it into maintenance mode. I generally prefer using WP Maintenance Mode plugin by Designmodo for setting up coming soon / maintenance page.
  3. Place a custom tagline (to override Just another WordPress website) as per requirements, setup permalinks as per required URL structure.
  4. Head on to Reading settings, to set-up static home page, if a website needs a front page different from the blog.
  5. Rename “Uncategorized” category to “General”. Don’t forget to update it’s slug.
  6. Install a mobile-first, base theme for development or as per client’s request.
  7. Install and configure the plugins as required.
  8. Inform the client of the project initiation & development setup via email.
  9. Plan. Think it through. Start execution.

Backing-up the work regularly is not only a sign of preparedness, it’s also a sign of professionalism.

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